5 places to Meet Transgender People in Columbus : Trendy places, bars and clubs

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    Bar to meet lgbt people

    Columbus remains a good place to seek love and adventure. This is true especially for transsexuals, ladyboys and shemales. The problem, however, is finding the best places in Columbus where all your needs can be met. With Columbus Trans Dating we should consider these amazing places when looking to satisfy their sexual fantasies.

    Where to meet a transsexual woman in Columbus ?

    There are numerous places to connect with transsexuals in Columbus. However, are the places genuine and safe? There are many perfect avenues in Columbus where transsexuals can enjoy one another company for romantic nights and intimacy.

    Going out is a way to meet people but not always easy for shy people

    With the many unique personalities in the world, everyone exhibits different behaviors. Shy, introverted people, have difficulties expressing their emotions, especially physically.

    Shy transsexuals who seek women in Columbus can rest assured that going out to the many gay bars and clubs in the city will increase their chances of meeting people. Due to their shyness, dating sites are more suited and remains the best solution for intimacy and love.

    The best way to meet transsexuals is still on dating sites on Columbus. Whether you’re looking for some one-night stand or the love of your life, these people are equally as compatible with what we want in a romantic partner! You also have more chances at reaching that goal quickly because they tend not only be just as open minded but also very welcoming towards others who come onto their scene so don’t let anyone tell ya “no.”

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    TsDates is considered to be a reputable and trusted resource. It has been an LGBT dating platform for many years as it became known as one of the best sites in this community with large numbers or members on its person side who will not meet you unless they find love themselves–or just want some fun!

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    MyTransgenderDate (MyTranssexualDate), a dating site for transsexuals who want to find love and acceptance in this unconventional world. The name of the website comes from its mission statement: “We’re all different here.”

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    Trans Nextdoor

    The company Trans Nextdoor is a great solution to help you make your encounter, essentially an appointment with someone. The undeniable advantage of this service are the controls that allow for safe meetings and research throughout all transactions on their platform!

    Top 5 Places to Meet Transexual Women in Columbus

    Columbus is a great place to find the perfect transsexual. This section will include five of what we feel are some of Columbus’ best areas for meeting and dating someone who identifies as such, so if you live in or near Ohio’s capital city be sure not miss out!

    Awol Bar

    The awol gay bar can be found in the center of Towne east in Columbus. This great transsexual social club offers a great selection of drinks, food and music. They provide their customers with some parking space, free WiFi and live bands. You can dine inside and meet some lovely lesbians and Asian ladyboys.

    Coordinates of the Place

    You can get to the Awol bar using the coordinates 39.963253-82.981797.

    • Address : 49 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43215, Amurka.
    • Contact : 614-621-8779
    • Web: http://awolbar.com/


    This is a popular dance club with a huge population of transsexuals. It has been in operation for about 19 years and has rebranded in recent years. They organize regular gay dance and music competitions for all visitors.

    Coordinates of the Place

    You can use these coordinates to locate the bar 39.978032-83.004366.

    • Address: 775 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215, Amurka.
    • Contact: 614-422-2233
    • Web: https://axisonhigh.com/


    Boscoe’s gay bar is an excellent choice for those seeking in Columbus. It also has an exclusive VIP lounge for those that can afford it. They provide their customers with music from reputable DJs, and their meals are nice. The most acceptable payment methods are cash and credit cards.

    Coordinates of the Place

    Locating Boscoe’s is simple using this latitude 39.937131-8299580.

    • Address: 1224 S High St, Columbus, OH 43206, Amurka.
    • Contact: 614-826-3758
    • Web: https://www.boscoesbar.com/

    Cavan Irish Pub

    This Irish gay bar offers outdoor seating for those who want fresh air. There are lots of spaces and music at the pub. You are required to wear your mask before entering due to Covid-19 protocols. They offer great cocktails, snacks and delicious meals.

    Coordinates of the Place

    To get to Cavan Irish club, use the coordinates 39.933211-82.996278.

    • Address: 1409 S High St, Columbus, OH 43207, Amurka.
    • Contact: 614-725-5502
    • Web: http://www.cavanirishpub.com/

    Club Diversity

    This gay club is known to have the best cocktail and martini in Columbus. Customers come from every part of the city because of the unique services they provide. They are one of the best LGBTQ social communities in the area. You are assured of meeting matured lesbians and gays who are ready for intimacy or long-term relationship.

    Coordinates of the Place

    The latitude coordinates to get to this bar is 39,944,420,-82,997,533.

    • Address: 863 S High Street, Columbus, OH 43206, Amurka.
    • Contact: 614-224-4050
    • Web: http://clubdiversity.com/

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