How to manage stress on a first date with a trans woman?

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    Have you dated a trans woman before and had a stressful time? Do you want to learn how to manage stress on a first date with a trans woman? Dating a trans woman is not that different from dating a cisgender woman. It involves mastering psychological nuances to have a successful date.

    Dating a transgender woman can be fun if you prepare yourself psychologically before the first appointment, and do some breathing exercises. Other strategies include not trying to be perfect and proposing a meeting in a place you already know.

    Let us unpack these suggestions below

    After meeting your girlfriend on Columbus Trans Dating, or on one of the best Columbus dating sites, it’s time to meet her face to face. Prepare yourself psychologically before the first appointment.

    Society may not support you or your girlfriend, so, be ready for rejection. Hence, you must build a mental toughness to date a transgender woman. Treating your transgender date like a cisgender woman should remove stress on that social engagement.

    Handle the woman like you would treat a cis woman. Ask about her career, dreams, and hobbies. Find out things you both share that make you attracted to each other.

    Keep in mind that you are dating a trans woman because of her femininity, and physical attraction to you. You are not gay because you are dating a trans woman.

    Do some breathing exercises

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    Breathing exercises improve calmness and lower stress and anxiety. Some deep breathing and Yoga exercises will put you in the right frame of mind to enjoy that first date.

    You can do a breathing exercise that involve taking a deep breath. Next, hold your breath and count to seven, then release your breath slowly through your nostrils to the count of seven. This exercise will send a rush of energy to your body.

    Furthermore, Ocean breathing is a Yoga breathing exercise that improves relaxation. Start the exercise by taking long deep breaths and closing your lips while exhaling and tightening the back of your throat to produce ocean wave-like sounds.

    Don’t try to be absolutely perfect

    Do not overdo it as you try to impress your trans woman date. When on a date with a trans, do not say, “cis women are normal.” Saying that infers that the trans woman is abnormal.

    Do not give a sour compliment like “who could have guessed that you are a trans.” That comment is obnoxious. Don’t call your girlfriend a tranny, it is offensive. Also, do not think the first thing she wants is to sleep with you.

    Respect and treat her like a lady who attracts you. Appreciate her for the efforts to transition into the beautiful woman that now attracts you. You could ask personal questions such as: whether your date is a non-op—meaning a transgender that is yet to do surgery.

    Propose a meeting in a place you already know

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    In all types of dates, the aim is to make a good impression. Start the date on a good note by picking a comfortable place.

    Choose a familiar location for you or a comfortable place for your lady friend. You can meet in a café, restaurant, or cinema hall. Selecting the venue both of you approve of will lower stress.

    When undecided about the best location, you can ask your trans woman where she prefers. You will have a memorable time together if the place is comfortable. A threatening venue where she cannot relax would increase stress for both of you.

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